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As a litigator who has represented clients in an assortment of complex legal matters including but not limited to international family law matters including divorce or child abduction as well as other civil or criminal matters that require my skills as a litigator, my experience and insight has been invaluable to individuals in crisis. As a Board of Director of the I CARE Foundation, I take great pride in playing an important role in an organization that has helped reunite many children of abduction, protected many others from being kidnapped, and has created multiple outreach initiatives to stop abduction and trafficking.

Friday, December 7, 2012

U.S. Senate Passes SR 543: Sends Message Condemning International Parental Child Abduction

It is my great pleasure to share that the United States Senate Resolution 543 sponsored by California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxter unanimously passed this past Tuesday, December 4th 2012.  The resolution, referred to as the International Parental Child Abduction Resolution is a fascinating work of our lawmakers because it does so much more than simply condemn child abduction, and it does much more than send a powerful message to our court system that IPCA is a serious criminal offense that should never be treated as a child custody matter.  What SR 543 does is call for a system-wide review of how the American government addresses and protects our children from being kidnapped.  

The language contained in SR 543 is rather direct: The Untied States of America will no longer tolerate our child citizens being abducted. 

Though the  resolution calls for focussed diplomacy when dealing with all nations, it is clear that countries including the majority in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa will no longer be permitted to shield American children kidnapped to their respective countries without consequence.  

I invite you to read this short but concise analysis of SR 543.  It took a lot of work by advocates everywhere, but this was a tremendous accomplishment that all lawmakers, advocates, and citizens should be proud of. 

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