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As a litigator who has represented clients in an assortment of complex legal matters including but not limited to international family law matters including divorce or child abduction as well as other civil or criminal matters that require my skills as a litigator, my experience and insight has been invaluable to individuals in crisis. As a Board of Director of the I CARE Foundation, I take great pride in playing an important role in an organization that has helped reunite many children of abduction, protected many others from being kidnapped, and has created multiple outreach initiatives to stop abduction and trafficking.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Canada's Top Blogger Jennifer Cluff Helps Raise Awareness Of International Chid Abduction

Over the past few months, the I CARE Foundation has had the privilege of working with some of the world's top bloggers who have taken up our cause to help stop international parental child abduction by raising awareness of this terrible crime that targeted unsuspecting parents and their children.

In doing so, the I CARE Foundation has been able to actually assist numerous children and parents who reached out to us because they realized they were potential targets of abduciton.

Without the information about warning signs of abduciton being disseminated by these wonderful writers, who incidentailly, are all mothers - it is conceivable that the parents who reached out for assistance would have lost their children.

Today, not one parent who reached out to us concerned about a potential abduction has had their child or children taken.  And I anticipate that will remain. has been voted Canada's #4 Top Blog
One of the incredible writers/parents/bloggers who has come ot the assistance of the I CARE Foundation and parents across the globe by raising awarenss is Jennifer Cluff, who runs the dynamic parenting blogsite

Jennifer has writen numerous articles about IPCA.  In doing so, she has not only raised awareness, but has help protect the lives of children.

Well done, Jennifer!

Here is a recent interview Jennifer conducted with Peter Thomas Senese.  Check it out.

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  1. Thanks very much Joel for the kind words. It truly is an amazing opportunity for me to be able to assist the I CARE Foundation in any way that I can.
    Look forward to working with you in the future!