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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Riis Park, Rockaway Park - Hurricane Sandy Leaves A Path of Destruction

So I'm sitting in my home in Park Slope, Brooklyn fixated to the news focussed on the devastation that has occurred in New York City due to Hurricane Sandy.  In fact, across the street, Prospect Park has been severely damaged, as trees and fixtures have been uprooted or destroyed.

But the loss of trees in the park is nothing in comparison to the loss of life that has occurred.

In all my life, I have never heard the howling winds the way I did last night.  Nor have I seen the type of destruciton that has occurred in a spread-out area the way New York, particularly the beach areas, has been hit over the last 24 hours.

To all my neighbors, friends, family and business associates who live here - I hope each of you are well and that life resumes to normal.

For those of you who live in Rockaway Park, Riis Park, Breezy Point, and Long Beach - my prayers are with you.  Keep your faith: New York and the citizens of our great city and the nation will stand by all of our sides.

This is a video taken by my friend Peter about just how bad the Queens penninsula got hit, along with a few photos worth sharing.

                                      Watch The Video 


                                                     View The Photographs 

The destruction that hit this beautiful peninsula of Queens was tremendous.  In the coming days there will be an assortment of fundraisers to help those that have lost so much.   Please do what you can to help others.


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